Shree Santram Hospital

About - Shree Santram Physiotherapy and Healthcare Center

Shree Santram Physiotherapy and Healthcare Centre, was established in year 1982-83 with divine blessing of P.P. Narayandasji Maharajshree and by efforts of Dr. M.N. Gandhi, Dr. Jayant Shah, Mr. Bachubhai Somabhai Patel and United Mercantile Bank, Nadiad. Shree Santram Physiotherapy and Healthcare Centre was started with the aim to help physically challenged people to regain their functional mobility as much as possible. Since last 33 years this centre is providing its facilities to society with one motto "Jan Seva Is Prabhu Seva".

Physiotherapy Centre is well equipped with latest electrotherapy equipment like laser, D-track (Non- Surgical spinal De compression), Shoulder C.P.M, Microwave Diathermy etc. & fully equipped Muscular-skeletal Hall, Paediatric department, Adult Neuron Rehab Section.

All kind of physiotherapy treatment is given at very low cost and approximately 350 patients per day are getting benefit of it. Centre is also providing "Indoor Patient" facility to those, who are from far villages and not able to come daily with nominal charges. Along with accommodation, meal twice a day is also provided to a indoor patient ant his relative without any extra charges. Functional and supportive aids like wheel-chairs, walker, stick, waterbed, flowerbed, etc. are provided to needy people only on deposit base according to their needs. Physically challenged kids from 0 to 5 years of age are being treated absolutely free of cost. Saints of temples and member of senior citizen club (pankhar ni Haash) of santram temple are also being treated free of cost.