Shree Santram Hospital

About - Shree Santram Radiology

Shree Santram Radiology’s inauguration done by guidance and inspirations of Param Pujya Brahmlin Shree Narayandasji Maharaj in 1991. With the aim of “Janseva ae j Prabhuseva” this organization was built as a small entity, which grew in its own as time passed. With great care of Param Pujya Ramdasji Maharaj, now this organization has evolved into large entity with many branches, which are giving health care services to the society. Most of the benefit of this organization is providing to people of the society with medium or low income.

All facilities under one roof:-
    1. Digital X-Ray
    2. Digital Mammography
    3. Digital OPG
    4. Echo Cardiography
    5. Color Dopller
    6. 32 Slice C t Scan
    7. I.S.T. (16 Channel) MRI