Shree Santram Hospital
Facilities Provided by Shree Santram Radiology
X- Ray

Routine X-rays like any parts of the body’s x-ray are taken.

X-rays of chest, any other part of body’s photos, bone’s photos etc.

Diseases of intestines, diseases of lungs, diseases of oesophagus, diseases of urethra (RGU - MCU), Gallstone inspection (IVP), uterus inspection (HSG) and Fistula inspection.


Inspection of diseases like Uneven Teeth, jaw fracture, jaw infection and cancer.


Inspections of diseases found in Women like breast tumour, breast cancer etc. are being held.


In this section of radiology department inspections of stomach ache, leaver, gallbladder, intestines, saran lump, Appendix, prostate, kidney, bladder, uterus and pregnancy report are being done.

Color Doppler

In this section of radiology department inspections of blood vessels of hands and legs and muscles are being held.

Also in this section with help of machines we are very carefully conducting inspections of shoulder, knee, and brain oh child, uterus and uterine cancer.

Echo Cardiology

In this section of radiology department inspections of heartbeats, blood percentage in blood vessels of the heart, high or low blood circulation etc. are being conducted here.

C T Scan

We have been equipped with latest technology machines in which, head injuries- tumours – blood vessels, water/tumour in lungs, Stomach, lever, intestines, bladder, calculus of kidney, pancreas, wart in nose, ear pus, throat cancer, tongue cancer, injuries on face, major or minor fractures and inspection all bones are being done.

With the help of pressure injector without any pain we can give medicine to the patient to inspect with better care.


This is the only one machine in entire “Kheda” district in which we can inspect about diseases of brain, brain injuries, beads and coccyx, joins of bones like shoulder and knee are being conducted very carefully.

MR Angiography, Venography, MRCP, Fistula, All Spine & Knee, Shoulder, Neck, Brain etc.